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Nairobi & Mombasa

Explore Nairobi, the thriving modern capital of Kenya.

Then relax in Mombasa, and enjoy it's cool ocean breezes, and seafood restaurants on the beach.


April 2nd through April 14th 2024

Welcome to Nairobi

Day 1

Nairobi is also known as ‘The City Under the Sun’.

 In addition to its urban core, the city is also the safari capital of Africa.

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Stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel 

Day 1

Located near the Nairobi Arboretum park.


This hotel offers the best mix between wild nature and modern facilities.

Luxury Hotel

Dinner at the Chophouse

Day 1

The Chophouse Restaurant weaves together a fusion of Kenyan, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisines in a luxury lodge environment.


Visit the Giraffe Center

Day 2

Enjoy encounters with the world’s tallest mammal at a center that protects the endangered Rothschild Giraffes.

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Dinner at Inti Nikkei


Day 2

INTI is a restaurant that specializes in the Japanese influence on Peruvian gastronomy. 

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See the Hippos in Lake Naivasha 

Day 3

Lake Naivasha is one of Africa's most renowned lakes. 


It is also home to over 1500 hippos and 400 different species of birds!

See the Hippo's in Lake Naivasha .png

Take a Boat tour down the lake

Day 3

 Take a leisurely 90-minute boat ride. 


See giraffes, wildebeests, and many other animals in their natural environment on this excursion.

Take a Boat tour down the lake.png

Dinner at Hero Restaurant

Day 3

Built as a speakeasy with a discrete entrance and prohibition-style bar; the concept invites you to be members of a secret space. 


Live music at Blankets and wine

Day 4

This event sits halfway between a live concert and a film.


You’ll get to see all of the latest afrobeats 

musical performers, while sitting on blankets, and sipping wine in the park.

Live music at Blankets and wine.png

Dinner at Talisman Restaurant  

Day 4

Featuring carved wooden pillars from Pakistan, and elegant Afghan rugs, 


The Talisman restaurant blends fine dining with unbridled old-world charm. 

Talisman Restaurant nairobi.png

Go to Nairobi National Park 

Day 5

You'll encounter Zebras, rhinos, lions, and other game roaming in the park while you sit in comfort in a Land Cruiser taking pictures.

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Dinner at About Thyme Restaurant

Day 5

About Thyme offers an eclectic menu with imaginative, well-prepared, and beautifully presented dishes from around the world.

About Thyme Restaurant.png


Day 5

Located on the roof of Emara Ole-Serena Hotel, overlooking the nature reserve.

You can watch the animals while enjoying your favorite boozy drink.

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Go carts on the track 

Day 6

Get ready for a fun-filled day on the recently resurfaced Race track.


You'll get a helmet,  racing suit, and a full driver's briefing to get you on your way - and fast!

Race Go carts on the track nairobi.png

Zipline in the hills of Kereita 

Day 6

After the hike, you'll zipline through the Kereita Forest, the longest zip tour in East Africa.


Enjoying a thrilling view of the dense forest, interesting wildlife, and fresh mountain air.

Kereita Zipline Adventure.png

 Go see the Waterfall

at Gatamaiyu

Day 6

Take a short walk through a cool forest, to a river with 2 misty waterfalls surrounded by wild orchids and fascinating bird calls.

Waterfall nairobi.png

Dinner at mercado


Day 6

Mercado is a Modern Mexican restaurant serving traditional and contemporary dishes with the best tequila cocktail menu in town.

Dinner at mercado RESTAURANT.jpg

Go see the FLAMINGOS on Lake Nakuru 

Day 7

Take a road trip to Lake Nakuru National Park, which is a mecca for all kinds of birds, specifically the lesser flamingo.

Go see the FLAMINGOS on THE LAKE.png

Dinner at The Nest


Day 7

The Nest at Tribe is a modern and elegant restaurant and has a wide selection of steakhouse menu options available at fair prices.

Dinner at The Nest.png

Drinks at

The Alchemist Bar

Day 7

The Alchemist is a bar and food court located on a beautiful outdoor property right in the heart of Westlands, Nairobi, with some of the best Dj's in town.

Drinks at The Alchemist Bar.jpg

Shop at maasai market

Day 8

The Masai Market gives you the opportunity to buy authentic African art, hand- crafted beaded jewelry and clothing as souvenirs, or gifts at a very affordable price.


Ride on The largest Ferris Wheel

Day 8

Enjoy incredible panoramic views of the Kenyan capital on Africa’s largest Ferris Wheel.

Ride on The largest Ferris Wheel.png

Dinner at The Carnivore


Day 8

Carnivore is an open-air restaurant. That specializes in meat.


They are famous for their wild game offerings. including osterich, wildebeest, and crocodile.

best tour nairobi carnivore.jpg

Short Flight to MOMBASA

Day 9

Take a short 1 hour flight to the beautiful coastal city of Mombasa Kenya.

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Stay at The Sands at Nomad Hotel

Day 9

Surrounded by 10 hectares of coastal forest beside the the Indian Ocean.


 This upscale hotel overlooking the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

has rooms with terraces, ocean views, and thatch-roofs


Dinner at the Sake & Sand


Day 9

A cozy interior, showy dishes, and stunning views on the huge patio, with a modern Japanese fusion menu.


Tamarind Dhow Seafood Cruise Lunch

Day 10

Dhows are traditional arab sailing boats. On this cruise you'll  enjoy a delicious seafood lunch as you sail along the Kenyan coastline.

kenya (23).png


on Diani BEACH

Day 10

You will take a slow ride heading south and learn about your camel while exploring the area around the coral reefs and lagoon.

kenya (24).png

Dinner at Ali Barbour's Cave 

Day 10

Ali Barbours Cave Restaurant offers a fine dining experience in a magical cave on Diani Beach.

best kenya tour.jpg

REST & ReflecT

Day 11

Congratulations, you've done it! You've explored 2 of the most beautiful cities in Kenya.


Now it is time to sit back and reflect on your journey.

best nairobi tour package.png

Dinner at 


Day 11

Enjoy the alluring ocean views and the gentle sounds of the surf as you eat at this Arabian dhow-themed seafood restaurant. 




Day 12

Mombasa 🡢 Nairobi

🡢 Home. After breakfast at the hotel we will transport you to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, to get you back home.

depart kenya.png
Elephants Embracing

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