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-Trips are for Adults only-

***International Round Trip Flights from your departure city are NOT included, however,all ground and air transportation is included  after you arrive to the destination,including airport pickup & drop-off, and city-to-city travel.


***Breakfast is also included, but you are responsible for purchasing your own lunches,dinners,and snacks, they are NOT included in the package price.

Nairobi & Mombasa, Kenya Trip for (2)

  • Get kissed by endangered Rothschild Giraffes, zipline in the hills of Kereita, ride on The largest Ferris wheel in Africa and have dinner in Ali Barbour's Cave.


    Whether you want to go on a safari adventure and come within feet of Kenya’s spectacular wildlife, lounge on superb beaches, or experience the lively nightlife and cultural attractions; you can explore Nairobi and Mombasa with your trusted travel companions at Alkebulan Awaits.

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