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Windhoek is the diverse and lively capital city of Namibia.

Enjoy afternoons at sidewalk cafes, walking along streets lined with flame trees, sophisticated cocktail lounges, and lively nightclubs.


September 12th through September 24th 2024

Welcome to Windhoek

Day 1

Windhoek is situated in a semi-desert region.


It is a bustling metropolis in the country’s central highlands, and is the cleanest city in South Africa. 

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Stay at the 

Hilton Windhoek

Day 1

Arrive at the fabulous Hilton Windhoek resort.


It is close to the central business district with wonderful panoramic views. 


Dinner at The 



Day 1

Kalabar is An inviting combination of a traditional bar and a vibrant sports bar.

kalabar restaurant.jpg

 Independence Memorial Museum

Day 2

The museum focuses on the anti-colonial resistance and the national liberation struggle of Namibia. 

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Eat Lunch with Giraffes 

Day 2

Feed giraffes as you enjoy lunch poolside at the Voightland guest house. 

Namibia (6).png

Dinner at

The Leo's  CASTLE 

Day 2

Inside of a beautiful German castle from 1914, you will dine on a delicious Afro-German fusion meal from the rooftop.

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Shop at



Day 3

Conveniently located in the heart of Windhoek’s City Business District, the Wernhil Shopping Centre spans over more than 4 Hectare acres and contains 3 malls.

Shopping Namibia.png

Lunch at 



Day 3

 Indulge in a boozy drink or two, as well as some traditional Namibian food, while you take in the cool breezes at the Bolster restaurant.


Dinner at

Stellenbosch Bistro & Wine 

Day 3

This Restaurant specializes in Prime Namibian meat cuts, flame-grilled to perfection paired with local African Wines.

Namibia (12).png

Feed the Carnivores at Naankuse

Day 4

Feed lions, cheetahs, and leopards in the Namibian bush, at this world-famous animal sanctuary. 

Namibia (13).png

Dinner at Daisho Sushi Restaurant

Day 4

Enjoy a night filled with hand-crafted sushi, stir-fry, and sake at this casual dining Japanese restaurant in an urban setting.

Namibia (14).png

Go to the

Grove Shopping Mall

Day 5

Grove Mall is the largest shopping center in Namibia.


It has a diverse mix of over 100 international stores.

Grove Shopping Mall.png

Lunch at Olivia's Kitchen

Day 5

Located at Am Weinberg Estate in Klein Windhoek, you'll enjoy locally sourced, freshly prepared international food.


Dinner at Joe's Beer House & Restaurant 

Day 5

The Best Known Restaurant in Namibia.


  Joe's Beerhouse serves Namibian cuisine with a German twist.


See the ostriches

at Okapuka Ranch

Day 6

The lodge blends in with the surrounding bush and is home to ostriches, white rhinos, crocodiles, various antelopes, and lions.

Namibia (15).png

Dinner at

Kubata Restaurant

Day 6

The Kubata restaurant brings Angolan, Portuguese, Mozambiquan, and Brazilian food to the heart of Namibia, Windhoek.

Namibia (4).png

See Where the Sand Meets the Sea in Sossusvlei

Day 7

Discover the vastness of the Namib Desert, and visit the famous Sossusvlei dunes. 

Namibia (17).png

Ride The Sand Dunes on a Quad Bike

Day 7

Enjoy breath-taking views over the Desert plains with occasional photo stops in this slow nature quad biggy drive.

quad bikes on quad bike desert.png.png

Dinner at

JoJo's Art


Day 7

JoJo's Music & Arts Café specializes in innovative modern Namibian cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere. 


 Shop at Independence Avenue Market

Day 8

Independence Avenue runs through the heart of downtown, and it has a huge craft market that both locals and tourists enjoy.

Shop at Independence Avenue Market.png

Dinner at The Raft


Day 8

This unique Namibian restaurant is built on stilts at the end of its own jetty in the picturesque Walvis Bay Lagoon.

Namibia (46).png

Party at Brewer's Market

Day 8

This cultural hub welcomes tourists and locals to mingle and get exposed to modern Namibian music and food.

Namibia (21).png

Go on Safari at Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve

Day 9

Start your day with an exciting adventure drive through the Daan Viljoen Game Reserve and see zebras, wildebeests, kudus, and giraffes.

Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve.png

Dinner at

The Nice


Day 9

Culinary excellence combined with a great interior makes The Nice Restaurant in Namibia’s capital the perfect destination. 

Nice Namibia.jpg

Visit the Okambara Elephant Lodge

Day 10

At Okambara Lodge you can see elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and lots of other types of animals roaming free.

Namibia (19).png

Dinner at Utopia Restaurant

Day 10

Utopia restaurant serves simple, yet elegant dishes in a modern setting.

Namibia (23).png

Rest & Reflect

Day 11

Congratulations you've done it! You’ve explored Namibia’s capital.

 Now it's time to sit back and reflect on your journey.


Dinner At the Ekipa


Day 11

Epika restaurant features panoramic views and serves Namibian specialties, with a fine selection of regional and international wines.  

Namibia (2).png



Day 12

Windhoek - Home.


We will transport you to Hosea Kutako International Airport to get you back home.

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Come explore Windhoek with us!

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