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Tangier & Fez

In Tangier, you'll explore the diverse architecture and vibrant restaurant culture.

Then head to Beautiful Fez with its vibrant souks and old-world atmosphere for some rest and relaxation.


December 5th through December 17th 2024

Welcome to Tangier

Day 1

Tangier is the perfect place for those looking for an exotic destination, off the beaten path to explore.


Stay at the Hilton Al Houara  

Day 1

Set along a beach on the Atlantic Ocean, this chic resort features a restaurant, bar, lounge, garden, and spa in Al Houara. 


Dinner at l'Olivier Restaurant

Day 1

l'Olivier restaurant is located in the resort and specializes in elegant Mediterranean cuisine. 

l'Olivier restaurant.jpeg

Shop at the Grand Socco


Day 2

The Tangier Souk Grand (Grand Socco) is the commercial centre of the city. It is the gateway to the medina, and is a pleasure to walk through.

Tangier 2.png

Dinner at La Villa O’Saveur


Day 2

O Saveur is uniquely  beautiful. You'll enjoy your candlelit dinner in the garden under the stars. 

La Villa O’Saveur Restaurant.jpeg

Go to the Caves of 


Day 3

The Caves of Hercules are an archaeological cave complex located in Cape Spartel, Morocco.

From outside you can see Spain on the other side of the water.

Tangier 2 (4).png


Buggy Beach Tour

Day 3

Hop on a state-of-the-art buggy and buzz through the mountains and down the beaches on the coast of Tangier.

dune buggy.png

Dinner at Osky's, 


Day 3

In the heart of Tangier, the Osky's bistro restaurant welcomes you to its unique, warm, and cozy atmosphere and Mediterranean food.

best morocco tour.jpg


Kayak Day tour

Day 4

Paddle along the  Eastern seashore and see the islands outside of Tangier city.

By the pool (8).png

Lunch at la Maison Blanche

Day 4

La Maison Blanche is tucked away in the winding streets of the old Kasbah.


The historic restaurant specializes in French cuisine.

la maison blanche.jpg

Dinner at RIAD ANDALOU Restaurant  

Day 4

Enjoy a delicious savory Moroccan Tajine in the traditionally 

decorated space of the

 RIAD ANDALOU Restaurant.


Day Trip

to the Blue City

Day 5

Explore the sights of Chefchaouen, and discover the hidden gems of this beautiful blue painted city.

Tangier 2 (3).png

Visit the Akchour Waterfall

Day 5

Bring a camera to these scenic waterfalls near the small Moroccan village of Akchour. 

Tangier 2 (6).png

Dinner at the

 Swiss Lounge 


Day 5

Surrounded by a splendid garden and fountains, you'll enjoy luxurious Alpine decor and upscale local cuisine with a Swiss twist.

By the pool (9).png

Guided Camel Ride in the Desert

Day 6

Take a guided Camel Trek into the dunes of the Sahara desert. 

Tangier 2 (8).png

Dinner at Palais Zahia Restaurant

Day 6

Set in a traditional riad in the Petit Socco district The restaurant serves upscale Moroccan food.

Tangier 2 (7).png

Take a Private Bus to Fez

Day 7

You'll be able to sit back and relax and cross Morocco in style in a private charter bus. The journey to Fez takes between 5 and 8 hours depending on traffic. 

private bus to fes.png

Luxury Lunch in the Sahara Desert

Day 7

Eat a magnificently prepared traditional Moroccan feast under a tent in the desert. 

lunch in the desert.jpg

Stay at The  sahrai fez Hotel

Day 7

This luxurious, contemporary hotel is set in a stone-built, arched building, on a hillside, and

has spectacular views of the largest medina in the Arab world.


Dinner at the Amaraz 


Day 7

Amaraz has an informal chic atmosphere serving  Parisian brasserie food.

hotel fez restaurant.jpg

Visit to the 

the royal palace

Day 8

Take a trip to the Royal Palace. It has a powerful history and was the place that the Moroccan Sultans worked for hundreds of years.

Tangier 2 (11).png

Shop at the Medina

Day 8

The Medina is an ancient walled market with narrow, car-free streets and ornamented entryways.


It is known for its perfumes, spices, lamps, and leather. 

Cairo (24).png

Dinner at

l' amandier


Day 8

This upscale French restaurant serves sits against the southern hillside in Fez and has a fantastic view of the city.

l' amandier Restaurant.png


yacoub hot springs

Day 9

Ideally located just 25 minutes from Fez, the Moulay Yacoub is a Thermal spa and a unique experience combining thermal health, and reconnection with oneself.


Lunch at les saveurs de riad fes maya

Day 9

Enjoy hand-carved wood ceilings, and mosaic walls and floors, in this traditional  Moroccan Riad turned restaurant.

les saveurs de riad fes maya.jpeg

Dinner at
Lounge MB

Day 9

This restaurant serves gourmet French food in a rustic stone and marble setting.

restaurant lounge mbf.jpg

 Hammam Massage in a Palace

Day 10

Enjoy a treatment at a traditional Moroccan bathhouse in Fez This luxurious hammam is complete with a separate exfoliation room, showers, and rest area.


Dinner at Chez Rachid


Day 10

This traditional Moroccan restaurant is a local favorite, and will have you thinking about it years later.

Chez Rachid.png

REST & ReflecT

Day 11

Congratulations, you've done it! You've taken the path less traveled and explored 2 of the most interesting cities in Morocco.

Now it is time to sit back and reflect on your journey in the hotel spa.

sahrai fez spa.jpg

Dinner at The Arcades Restaurant

Day 11

As you step out onto the rooftop you'll see the white marble bar beneath the arches with a spectacular view. Both the dining and the menu here are informal.




Day 12

Fez 🡢 Marrakech

🡢 Home. After breakfast at the hotel we will transport you to Fès–Saïs  International Airport, to get you back home.

depart from fez.png
Praying In Mosque

Come explore Tangier & Fez with us!

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