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Cape Verde

Eat your way through Cape Verde and discover the best spots to enjoy the local cuisine, then indulge in some long stretches of sand met by the most beautiful turquoise waters off the western coast of Africa.


April 25th through May 7th 2024

Welcome to Cape Verde

Day 1

Cape Verde or Cabo Verde is an archipelago with desert dunes, white sand beaches, and crystal blue waters. 


It is the perfect destination for those seeking beach adventures as well as delicious seafood.  

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Stay at the Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort

Day 1

Enjoy this coastal beachside resort with its lavishly decorated suites, stunning balcony views, and superior service.

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Dinner at the

BOUNTY  Restaurant

Day 1

You can enjoy international cuisine with Creole hospitality, while you eat freshly grilled lobsters, and drink Portuguese wine at this restaurant.

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Quadbike over Deserted Beaches in Boavista

Day 2

Enjoy a guided quad bike ride through the fabulous beaches of Boa Vista.

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Dinner at Nami Asian Restaurant

Day 2

Enjoy succulent duck, amazing egg rolls, and freshly made noodles tossed in sweet & spicy sauces at this upscale Japanese restaurant.


Snorkel in Murdeira Bay

Day 3

Dive into the warm cape Verdean waters and discover coral reefs, tropical fish, and other sea creatures on this underwater adventure.

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Dinner at

The Marea Restaurant

Day 3

Enjoy Mediterranean flavors blended with local spices in this upscale waterfront exclusive restaurant.

Marea Restaurant.jpg

Swim in the Pedra de Luma

Salt crater

Day 4

Soak in the rich mineral water, and enjoy the view.


You'll float effortlessly in this salt crater where it's impossible to sink no matter how hard you try. 

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Dinner at

O Caranguejo


Day 4

Enjoy Cape Verdean spices over homemade pasta, in this  Italian-Portuguese fusion restaurant.

O Caranguejo.png

Hiking in Ribeira das Pombas Park

Day 5

Climb the stone-carved trails to the mountain tops and take in the scenic views of the coastal beaches.

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Visit the Waterfall in PAÚL VALLEY

Day 5

Splash through the crystal clear volcanic waters of the lagoon while staring at the cascading waterfalls. 

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Dinner at Sabores e Livros


Day 5

Enjoy a contemporary Japanese dinner on a beautiful outdoor terrace at this Sal Island restaurant.

Sabores e Livros Restaurant.png

Jet Ski in the Lagoon

Day 6

Make a splash with this fun-fuelled jet-skiing adventure in the waters of the lagoon.

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over Sal


Day 6

With step by step training from our fully trained instructors, you’ll be safe, supported and having fun while soaring through the air on a parasail, off the coast of Santa Maria.

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Dinner at

Le Privé restaurant

Day 6

Enjoy seared ahi tuna, whole lobsters split in half and drowned in melted garlic butter, while watching the sunset and listening to live Cape Verdean music.

Le Privé restaurant.png

Island Hopping  Catamaran


Day 7

Sail to Boa Vista in a catamaran while enjoying champagne and the open sea air.

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Dolphin Watching in Boavista  

Day 7

Feed the dolphins and watch them frolic  beside you as you sit comfortably in a private yacht.

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Fish-Chill & Grill Lunch on the Beach

Day 7

Land on an undisturbed island, and watch as the yacht crew catches and cooks your lunch so you can enjoy it on the beach.

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Dinner at beramar restaurant

Day 7

Enjoy seasoned char grilled veggies, whole chickens splashed with lime juice and local spices, as you sit at this Mediterranean - Cape Verdean fusion retaurant.

beramar restaurant.png

Zipline on

Cabo Verde Beach

Day 8

 Start this zipline adventure on the top of one of the lush green mountains of Sal and glide down until you end up on the peninsula below.

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Dinner at 

portin di nos restaurant 

Day 8

Sit at this colorful restaurant and enjoy all kinds of traditional Portuguese food with a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.

portin di nos restaurant .png

Visit an

active volcano

on Fogo

Day 9

Hike up to the highest point in Cape Verde to enjoy fantastic 360 degree views of Viana

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Wine tour 

at Alcantara Vineyards

Day 9

Enjoy a delightful 1-hour tour tasting wines grown in the rich volcanic soil of Cape Verde.

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Dinner at

Elcibar restaurant

Day 9

Sit at this candle-lit restaurant on the beach and enjoy grilled meats and fresh fish as you watch the sunset.

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Take a Private Yacht cruise

on the Bay 

Day 10

Hop on this charted yacht and spend the day exploring the Cape Verdean coast in luxury

Private Yacht cruise cape verde.png

Lunch at Restaurante Barracuda

Day 10

Enjoy a locally made beer and a seafood lunch at this lovely little restaurant on Sal Beach.

tortuga beach bar .png

Swim with  Turtles in Sao Vicente

Day 10

Swim with these majestic sea creatures as they sway in the currents off of Sao Vicente island.

Cape Verde  (21).png


Day 10

This restaurant is located on the private beach of the luxurious Melia Tortuga Beach Resort, and, has a  unique and sophisticated selection of menu items to choose from.


Rest & Reflect

Day 11

Congratulations you've done it!


You’ve explored the beautiful islands of Cape Verde.


 Now it's time to sit back and reflect on your journey.

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Dinner at The

Magellan   Restaurant 

Day 11

Inspired by the sailing routes of the new world discoverers, this upscale restaurant serves grilled meat and seafood with spices from around the world and has an on-site wine cellar.

Magellan Restaurant.png

Departure Day

Day 12

Sal Island, Cape Verde 🡢 Home.


After breakfast at the hotel, we will transport you to, Amílcar Cabral International Airport to get you back home.

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Price for Cape Verde Trip

Come explore Cape Verde with us!

Cape Verde
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