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Cairo & The Nile 

Explore Cairo, Egypt’s sprawling capital, and then check out Giza with its iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx.

Then cruise along the Nile on a traditional Felucca boat.


May 9th through May 21st 2024

Welcome to 


Day 1

Land in a majestic world of the ancients that now host close to 10 million people, and get ready to travel back in time.

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Stay at The Nile Four Seasons Hotel

Day 1

This hotel offers luxury accommodations, fine dining, and city views in the heart of Cairo's social and business district.


Dinner at

Eight restaurant

Day 1

Slippery noodles submerged in rich, concentrated broths, and crispy Peking duck are favorites in this upscale Cantonese restaurant.

8 rest.jpg

Visit the

Pyramids of Giza

Day 2

Start your day at the Giza Plateau and visit the impressive 3 Pyramids of Kings Cheops, Chephren, and Menkaure.

cairo (3).png

See the

Great Sphinx

Day 2

The Great Sphinx of Giza is a limestone statue of a reclining sphinx, a mythical creature. Facing directly from West to East.

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Lunch at 

139 Restaurant

Day 2

139 Restaurant serves a gourmet Egyptian menu with a magnificent view of the great pyramids.


 Eat on the 

First Nile 

Dinner Cruise

Day 2

Cruise on the Nile River in a massive modern ship.


The boat is a combination of an energetic restaurant and a cocktail lounge.

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Shop at

Khan Al-Khalili bazaar

Day 3

Khan el-Khalili is a famous bazaar or outdoor market in the historic center of Cairo and is a great place to buy souvenirs.

cairo (5).png

Lunch at

Khan El Khalili Restaurant

Day 3

The tranquil Moorish-style interior of this cafe-restaurant is a popular haven from the market’s hustle and bustle. 


Dinner at

 caixr tianma restaurant 

Day 3

The Tianma restaurant takes you on a culinary journey to Singapore.


The menu reflects a melting pot of influences from China, India, and Southeast Asia.


Visit the grand Egyptian Museum

Day 4

The G.E.M. is the largest archaeological museum in the world. See artifacts of the Egyptian pharaohs including Queen Hatshepsut.


Dinner at 

L'Uliveto Restaurant

Day 4

L'Uliveto is a modern concept restaurant that brings authentic Italian cuisine to Cairo.

L'Uliveto Restaurant.jpg

 Felucca Ride on the River Nile

Day 5

Waft along the fabled  Nile river in Egyptian style on a private 2-hour felucca boat ride.

cairo (8).png

Lunch at Zitouni


Day 5

Enjoy polished hotel dining featuring views of the Nile.


Dinner at



Day 5

Nişantaşı, is Cairo's newest destination for Turkish cuisine. The menu has everything from fresh pita bread and kebabs to several kinds of hummus.

Nişantaşi cairo restaurant.jpg

Short flight 

to Luxor

Day 6

Relax on a quick 1-hour flight to Luxor, where you'll find more treasures of the Ancient world.

cairo (10).png


the Valley of the Kings

Day 6

The Valley of the Kings is a valley in Egypt where rock-cut tombs were excavated and the pharaohs and other powerful nobles were buried.


See the



Day 6

This 40-foot-tall seated statue is one of the largest. It is seated at the entrance of the Luxor Temple.


Go to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Day 6

The terraced temple of Queen Hatshepsut is the earliest 18th-dynasty structure to survive and is one of the most impressive.

cairo (11).png

Walk Through Karnak


Day 6

The most significant structure and the largest religious site ever built. It is considered to be where the Egyptian god lived on earth.

cairo (9).png

Tomb of King Tutankhamun

(King Tut)

Day 6

The tomb of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun is located in the Valley of the Kings, near Thebes. 

cairo (14).png

Stay at Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa

Day 6

Nestled on the banks of the Nile, Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa offers stylish rooms with uninterrupted views from the water's edge.


Dinner at

Silk Road


Day 6

Explore exotic eastern cuisines, from all over Asia, in the exquisite surroundings at the elegant Silk Road restaurant in the hotel.


Flight Back to


Day 7

Relax on your 1-hour flight back to Cairo and enjoy a day of rest at the hotel.

fly to cairo .png

Dinner at



Day 7

A little slice of Italy in the heart of Cairo, Bella serves up handmade pasta dishes in an open kitchen, along with fresh Italian bread from a wood-burning oven.

bella cairo.jpg

camel ride tour of the


Day 8

See the Pyramids of Giza on a camel ride in the desert outside of Cairo.

cairo (17).png

Whirling dervish Nile Dinner Cruise

Day 8

 Take a classic Nile cruise with a traditional Egyptian dinner and whirling dervish dancers as entertainment. 


Go to The 

Mall of


Day 9

The Mall of Egypt is the ultimate leisure, entertainment, and shopping destination in Cairo, it features several international brands.

mall of egypt.jpg

Lunch at The

Viking Restaurant

Day 9

Channel your inner Thor at this Viking-themed restaurant.

 It might be thousands of miles from Scandinavia, but it offers a contemporary interpretation of Norse traditions in Egypt.


Dinner at



Day 9

Vivo is a restaurant specializing in rustic Italian cuisine in a modern and contemporary setting.


Spa day at

The Mandara


Day 10

The magnificent Mandara Spa is an elaborate and exclusive Moroccan-style Hammam, featuring heated marble beds.


Dinner at Bullona Restaurant

Day 10

You'll eat an authentic Italian meal while enjoying scenic views of the Nile from the terrace.


Rest & Reflect

Day 11

Congratulations you've done it!


You’ve explored 2 of the most ancient and interesting cities in Egypt.


Now, it's time to sit back and reflect on your journey.


Dinner at Zitouni restaurant 

Day 11

Step into this magnificent traditional Egyptian cafe.


The restaurant

serves excellent Lebanese- Egyptian fusion cuisine.

Cairo (25).png

Departure Day

Day 12

Cairo 🡢 Home. After breakfast at the hotel, we will transport you to,

Cairo International Airport to get you back home.

cairo (16).png
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Price for Egyptian Package

Come explore Cairo & The Nile with us!

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